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Sweet potato, Brussels sprouts and turkey bacon skillet with eggs

This recipe is perfect for a weeknight meal, breakfast, or brunch! It’s a healthy option but still very satisfying. It’s also a one pan dinner, with minimal prep and easy clean up. So invite friends over for brunch, pour some mimosas, and enjoy!! Here’s what you need: 2 cups of Brussels sprouts cut in half […]

Chocolate peanut butter bread (wheat-free, refined sugar free)

Lately my three year old daughter has been on a junk food kick. She asks for cookies, donuts, lollipops. I don’t give her this stuff often, but once in awhile for a “treat” she has it. To satisfy her sweet tooth and keep things healthy, I came up with this yummy bread. I swapped out […]

Pumpkin pie French toast

If your a pumpkin lover, then you need to make this! It has bites of pumpkin pie throughout, and it’s to die for. I used challah bread, and would recommend it, but you can use whatever bread you have on hand. This is perfect for Thanksgiving morning, or to bring to a brunch and share […]

Little Con’s Cookies!

These are named after my daughter Constance 💓  She lovesss a good treat and I was tired of giving her the usual store bought granola bars and cookies. I love the thought of making homemade goodies for my daughter so I know exactly what the ingrediants are. So many times we are fooled by the […]

Brussels sprouts for breakfast!? Why not?!

Lately I have been a huge fan of breakfast! I love starting my day with a workout, then figuring out what exactly i’m in the mood for that morning. Today i decided to have a little bit of everything and whipped up this,”died and gone to heaven” breakfast that you see above.. I have to […]

Breakfast and lunch rolled up in one bowl!

This healthy meal is a little bit of everything rolled into one! You have your protein from the egg and grass fed beef, and starch from the sweet potato noodles. Also buried under all that goodness, is some portobello mushrooms and onions. You top it off with the sunny side up egg, and dig in […]

Tropical Sweetness Smoothie

This is a great smoothie for children, and adults of course.The sweet fresh pineapple, papaya and blueberries mask the spinach and avocado really well. I just recently tried papaya for the first time, and wasn’t sure if i was a huge fan, but came to really love it in my smoothies. With all these tropical […]

Gluten free oatmeal with coconut oil and berries

Next time you make your morning oatmeal, try spicing it up with this delicious mixture! 1 tbsp coconut oil 1/2 tsp cinnamon Handful of organic blueberries 1 tbsp almond milk 1/2 tsp ground flax seed When I buy oatmeal, I always buy Bob’s red mill, gluten and wheat free. Adding in the creamy coconut oil […]

Don’t skip breakfast!

Every morning I try to switch up my breakfast with either a fresh juice, smoothie or scrambled eggs. When making my smoothies I always throw in some sort of greens for the vitamins and minerals. I love spinach, kale, wheat grass powder or swiss chard. Throwing in some fresh fruit such as bananas or strawberries, […]