Don’t skip breakfast!

Every morning I try to switch up my breakfast with either a fresh juice, smoothie or scrambled eggs.

When making my smoothies I always throw in some sort of greens for the vitamins and minerals. I love spinach, kale, wheat grass powder or swiss chard. Throwing in some fresh fruit such as bananas or strawberries, helps mask the “green” taste. I believe the secret ingredient is avocado. You may think that sounds like a horrible idea, but it adds a creamy texture, not to mention healthy fats.

When juicing I always try to use fresh organic veggies. This helps prevent you from ingesting harmful chemicals they spray on veggies (can you believe thats even legal?!?!)
My all time favorite combo would be carrots, beets and green apple. Its refreshing and not to mention FULL of all things healthy.

Next time you have breakfast try one of my smoothie or juice combos. Its the perfect way to start your day!!


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