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Strawberries and cream phyllo cups with shaved milk chocolate!

Driscoll’s organic strawberries, whipped cream, a crunchy phyllo cup and shaved milk chocolate, equals the perfect one bite dessert 😍🙌🏻 With only 4 ingredients, these take minutes to make. Serve them at your summer bbq, birthday parties, dinner parties, play dates, whenever! When I’m making a fruity dessert, I always buy Driscoll’s organic berries, because they’re […]

Oatmeal banana chocolate chip cookies

I love this recipe because it can be used a couple different ways. You can make muffins, cookies, or bread with it. These cookies are perfect for a quick breakfast, or afternoon snack. My toddler LOVED them, and I felt good about giving them to her. She’s been SO picky lately, and only wants pirates […]

Carrot cake

Once you have this cake, you’ll never make it with regular flour and sugar again! Promise 😉 My parents are here visiting for my sons first birthday, and when my dad heard I was making this cake, he turned his nose up. He asked why I was making a “fake cake” 😆 I explained why […]

Chocolate coconut bars

Only these beauties could make Monday tolerable 😍 I’ve always been coconut obsessed. Coconut lotion, candles, shampoo, you name it, I’ve used it. Coconut somehow transports you to warmer days, dreaming of your toes in the sand 🌴 When those dreams are also wrapped in chocolate, I call it heaven 🙌🏻 These cookie bars are […]

Holiday cookies Grain-free, gluten free

The holidays are here and it’s time to get baking! I love all the classic recipes, but I wanted to make something healthy that we can enjoy without the sugar coma and guilt. I’ve  been baking with almond flour for awhile now, and it’s my favorite to make cookies with. It’s delicious and a healthy […]

Chocolate peanut butter bread (wheat-free, refined sugar free)

Lately my three year old daughter has been on a junk food kick. She asks for cookies, donuts, lollipops. I don’t give her this stuff often, but once in awhile for a “treat” she has it. To satisfy her sweet tooth and keep things healthy, I came up with this yummy bread. I swapped out […]

Paleo pumpkin pie

    The Holidays are basically here, and who doesn’t love a slice of pumpkin pie?? This pie is paleo, grain free, and free of refined sugars. It still has all the great flavor of traditional pumpkin pie, but with a couple healthy swaps. I originally created  this version of pumpkin pie because my husband […]