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Shrimp stir fry over red quinoa

    This recipe will satisfy a Chinese take out craving, and definitely won’t leave you feeling bloated and regretful! I found all the ingredients for this recipe at my local Trader Joe’s. If you don’t have one by you, I feel sorry for you because it is an AMAZING store. You will need a […]

Ribbon Zoodle Bolognese

  Now that Thanksgiving has passed, i’m officially feeling the effects of all the pie and ice cream. Even after two cups of strong Starbucks coffee, i’m feeling sluggish. I know its time to clean things up, and focus on taking care of myself. This recipe helps kick start our week of healthy eating, and […]

Cucumber tuna salad – mayo free

This tuna salad is a must if your looking to lighten up on the calories this summer. It is packed with flavor and refreshing crunch from the cucumbers. Top a bed of greens with it, or put it between some healthy slices of bread and enjoy!! 3 cans of wild planet tuna fish 1 med […]

Chicken feta burgers with fresh spinach

This dinner was a last minute idea, and boy am I happy that I thought of it! We all have those nights where you just want something light for dinner, and won’t take hours to prepare. I already had a pound of organic ground chicken thawed out in my fridge, and a couple other ingredients […]

Summer salad with balsamic honey mustard vinaigrette

This salad is so simple, yet delicious and refreshing! My local farmers market here in Florida has had the BEST beefsteak tomatoes lately. They are so juicy and have that vine ripe flavor that just reminds you of hot summer days. When i buy cucumbers i prefer the English kind that have no seeds and […]

Brussels sprouts for breakfast!? Why not?!

Lately I have been a huge fan of breakfast! I love starting my day with a workout, then figuring out what exactly i’m in the mood for that morning. Today i decided to have a little bit of everything and whipped up this,”died and gone to heaven” breakfast that you see above.. I have to […]

Quinoa pasta primavera

In this recipe I am using Ancient Harvest quinoa pasta, instead of regular pasta. This particular pasta is gluten and wheat free, so it is a healthier alternative. Quinoa is a complete protein, containing all nine essential amino acids and is high in fiber and iron. Replace your regular pasta with this and you will […]

Big news on Kate’s Clean Plate!

I have been absent from my blogging duties these past few months! Mostly due to weird cravings and not wanting to cook that much, but that’s what pregnancy can do to you 🙂 My husband and I will be expecting our first baby this September and we couldn’t be more excited! I am now getting […]