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Shrimp stir fry over red quinoa

    This recipe will satisfy a Chinese take out craving, and definitely won’t leave you feeling bloated and regretful! I found all the ingredients for this recipe at my local Trader Joe’s. If you don’t have one by you, I feel sorry for you because it is an AMAZING store. You will need a […]

Ribbon Zoodle Bolognese

  Now that Thanksgiving has passed, i’m officially feeling the effects of all the pie and ice cream. Even after two cups of strong Starbucks coffee, i’m feeling sluggish. I know its time to clean things up, and focus on taking care of myself. This recipe helps kick start our week of healthy eating, and […]

Garlic and lime shrimp lettuce tacos

This is the perfect light dinner for a hot summer night. Squeeze on some extra refreshing lime juice, and your ready for a treat. Perfect with an ice cold Corona…On the beach with the sun going down and waves crashing at your feet…ahhh, sounds like a dream 😉 Serves 2 2 lbs wild shrimp 1/2 […]

Snack time!

I hate searching through the kitchen for a satisfying snack and there isn’t anything that appeals to me. You open and close the refrigerator a million times and still nothing pops out. I finally solved that annoying mid day snack craving with a few healthy ideas that would satisfy my taste buds, and still be […]

Baked bass with pesto and cherry tomatoes

Bass is a white, flaky fish that can be prepared in many ways. This particular pesto is my own version, and I absolutely love using it with any fish. You can serve this dish with a sweet potato, salad or some roasted veggies. -Serves 2- 2 lbs of wild bass 1 cup cherry tomatoes 2 […]

“Linguine” and clams

One of my all time favorite Italian meals is linguine and clams. I could probably eat it for dinner a couple times a week, not even kidding. I decided to have my linguine and clams, and still keep my clean eating habits in check. Out came this delicious recipe. I used my spiralizer to make […]

Clean lunch ideas

Everyday I try to have a salad for lunch, and today i felt like it needed a little extra something. Out came my spiralizer, and the fun began! Golden beets are not only super healthy, but they are just a beautiful bright yellow color. tossing in beets and carrots adds a nice crunch to your […]

Pork chops with yellow squash noodles, swiss chard and caramelized onions

This dinner is easy and super light. Slow cooking the onions till they are caramelized really brings out a delicious flavor that makes this dish. Swiss chard is a great ingredient to swap for the usual spinach or kale, and who doesn’t love some yellow squash noodles! Here’s how it all came together.. -Serves 4- […]

Seared salmon with roasted asparagus & parsnip mash

My husband and I have salmon once a week for dinner, sometimes more. I always used to bake it, but recently started to sear it, then finish cooking it in the oven. I love when it has a bit of a crisp on the outside, and tender on the inside. This recipe is easy, and […]

Breakfast and lunch rolled up in one bowl!

This healthy meal is a little bit of everything rolled into one! You have your protein from the egg and grass fed beef, and starch from the sweet potato noodles. Also buried under all that goodness, is some portobello mushrooms and onions. You top it off with the sunny side up egg, and dig in […]