Snack time!


I hate searching through the kitchen for a satisfying snack and there isn’t anything that appeals to me. You open and close the refrigerator a million times and still nothing pops out. I finally solved that annoying mid day snack craving with a few healthy ideas that would satisfy my taste buds, and still be healthy.

In comes almond butter and honey crisp apples. They have to be honey crisp apples because they are my all time favorite apple. I like to store my apples in the frig so they are cold and extra crispy when I dive into it.

Almond butter is something that i never used to think of having. We always just bought peanut butter, and soon realized that it bothers my husbands stomach, so we changed things up. I love raw, organic almond butter. paired with the apple, it is a winning snack and one that can keep you full until the next meal arrives. I can find almond butter at my farmers market, but you can also get it at whole foods or any health food store. Be sure to always read the labels, and make sure it has little or no sugar it. The fewer the ingredients the better. This is my favorite brand ..


Another healthy snack idea to keep you from munching on chips or crackers, is fresh fruit with coconut milk and unsweetened coconut flakes. My favorite is fresh sliced pineapple and blueberries, with 2 tbsp of coconut milk . I use canned coconut milk, either full fat or light. Native forest is the brand I tend to lean towards.


This is a real treat, and tastes similar to a pina coloda!

I will be posting some other healthy snack ideas so stay tunes 😉

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