“Almost to pretty to drink” Juice!

I wanted to make a juice this morning with only a few ingredients, and these veggies stood out. Their colors are so amazing and vibrant. Those colors speak of all the vitamins and nutrients they hold. Do your body a favor next time you juice, and try this refreshing combination.

-Bok Choy
-striped beets

Make sure they are organic and they are thoroughly rinsed!


  1. Gorgeous! Make sure you use only organic produce when you juice or you’ll be juicing pesticides. You probably know this, but I can’t help myself 🙂

    1. Thanks.. I do only use organic. I put that in all my juice posting 🙂

      1. Sorry, I figured. I didn’t read thoroughly. Nice to “meet” you.

      2. No apology! I know its very important when it comes to juicing. Its terrible what they are allowed to spray on some veggies and fruits. Nice to meet you to 🙂

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