My top seven hosting tips!


Food is always the star of any holiday or dinner you may host. For me, the decor comes next.
There are a couple things that are my staples when it comes to hosting friends and family.

1. Flowers. I usually stick with neutral colors, and at Christmas pull in a little pop of red and green. I personally always go for the tulips, hydrangea, or roses. I cut them all the same length, place the larger flower ( the hydrangea in this arrangement) and pop in the smaller flowers around it, making sure the different flowers are scattered. I then place a couple arrangements throughout my home . One by the apps, one in the main sitting area and another on the dining table.

2. Pretty cocktail napkins. I have a slight obsession with cocktail napkins 😆 these in the picture are monogrammed, and actually left over from my wedding 6 yrs ago. @casparistyle Are my favorite ones.

3. Candles. I also have a slight obsession with candles 🙋🏼 I get these Unscented ones from Trader Joe’s. I feel like candles can really create a cozy vibe. Votives are also a favorite of mine, and can look pretty scattered on a counter with appetizers or on your dining table. It’s all about setting a mood 🤗

4. BE ORGANIZED. Even if your having just a couple friends over, have an idea of what you want to serve, drink. Do as much ahead of time as possible. You don’t want people walking in the door while your still cleaning up the house 😆  When I’m organized everything seems to go smooth and I’m more relaxed and able to enjoy the night.

5. Cook something your familiar with and have made before. If your familiar with a recipe, you can feel confident about serving it. If your going out of your comfort zone, make sure your making it for someone close to you in case it’s a total disaster 😆

6.  Keep things semi homemade. Buy some appetizers that are easy to throw on a plate. Cheese and crackers are always a great go to. I love buying chunks of jarlsberg Swiss and Brie and arrange them on a plate with strawberries or grapes. Making something is also always appreciated by your guests. I love puff pastry circles with sautéed mushrooms, onions and thyme. Top them off with some grueyre cheese. Delish! (Send me an email if you want the recipe)

7. obviously don’t forget the alcohol! I always have a white, red, beer and vodka. People will always be happy with one of those.

I hope my tricks are helpful for you! Feel free to send me an email with questions!



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