8 tips for the best homemade pizza!

You don’t need to go to NYC or Chicago to have good pizza. You just need a few key ingredients to make the best pizza, all in the comfort of your home!

I can remember my grandfather (gampie ❤️) making pizza when I was younger. There’s something about making pizza at home that brings the family together. Everyone can get involved, exchange some laughs, as your sipping wine. When the pizza is cooking, you won’t know if your in an Italian pizzeria, or your house. It smells AMAZING!

All the laughter and love that went into his pizzas made them delicious, but the special pizza pan he used was key. He got a couple from a local pizza favorite in Long Branch, NJ … and I was lucky enough to get one.


You can see that this pan has made a pizza or two!

You can buy a similar one here,



What I’m about to share next, could be considered top secret…

Just don’t tell my mom I’m sharing this with you 😜


Everyone has their favorite toppings, and my tips are for my favorites, so anything that doesn’t appeal to you, just skip over.

  • Onions and peppers. Once you’ve sliced them, place them in paper towels and squeeze. This will help remove any excess liquid from them, making  your pizza less runny in the middle.
  • Don’t pile on too many toppings; it could weigh down the dough and fall apart.
  • The dough: Believe it or not, Walmart has great fresh pizza dough. You can usually find it by the ready made pizzas. Whole Foods also sells fresh dough that has worked great in the past. I just recently discovered the best pizza crust at fresh market. They come already shaped and with parchment paper, making for an easy clean up! It’s called Wewalka.



This will be my go to from now on because it helps me save time and I love that it comes with parchment paper.

  • Let’s talk sauce..another Walmart find is Don Pepino pizza sauce. You can try whatever you find at your local market, but this guarantees a delicious pizza.
  • I usually stick with shredded mozzarella on my pizza, or you can slice it yourself into circles. But I’m lazy and tend to go with the easiest option of pre shredded 👍🏻
  • After you put your sauce, cheese and topping of choice on, you want to make sure you put these 3 things on : OREGANO, THINLY SLICED FRESH GARLIC, DRIZZLE OF EVOO. these 3 things I believe make the pizza.
  • The best EVOO in my opinion (and my moms) is Colavita. It has great flavor and really makes a delicious sauce or pizza.

Get your family together, grab a couple bottles of wine, and make some pizza! It’s so easy, so fun, and most of all, DELICIOUS!

Share your pizza making experiences in the comments!


One thought on “8 tips for the best homemade pizza!

  1. Thanks sweet Kate !!! I grew up in Monmouth Beach and went to high school in Long Branch so know this top secret recipe will kept under wraps !!! Good of you to share 😊

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