Miso marinated cod


•1 1/2 lbs wild caught cod
•1/2 cup miso ginger marinade ( I used organicville )
•1 head of organic broccoli
•1/2 tsp extra virgin oo
•1 teaspoon of grassfed butter

Start off marinating the fish for at least an entire day in a ziplock bag.

Steam broccoli while fish is cooking, its done when you can easily put a fork through it and its super green. Feel free to put a nice piece of grassfed butter on it!

Heat the oo and butter in med-LG sauté pan over med- high heat. Once its good and hot, lay the fish in the pan, making sure you let any excess marinade fall off. Let it sear for about 4 mins, and then turn. ( cod can be very delicate so be gentle ) sear another 4 mins or until it becomes flaky and more opaque.

Serve over broccoli and don’t forget all the tasty pieces in the pan  enjoy!!!

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