Meet Kate

I am originally a Jersey Girl, and I guess I always will be, but I have officially fallen in love with sunny Florida!
I love wearing flip flops 365 days a year and spending as much time outside and at the beach as possible!

My husband Austin and I have been married for 4 years and I’m pretty sure he’s more excited about my new blog then me!
He loves to be my taste tester , and so far he approves 😉

We welcomed our beautiful baby girl Constance into the world last October 🙂 she is the best thing that has ever happened to us! kates phone 5163

We have two dogs, nooks ( min pin ) and Zurich ( Doberman ) I bet you can guess which one is the boss??
They are both rescue dogs, and I believe they know we saved them. They are members of our family and we’re thankful we found them 🙂


Now to why I started “Kate’s Clean Plate”…. I can remember cooking in the kitchen with my grandmother when i was 5 or 6 years old. I was her little helper, doing the sifting, working the mixer and just keeping her company. I always stood on a chair from the kitchen table, and wore my special little apron ( which i still have )
She was probably just trying to keep me busy and away from picking all her flowers outside. ( he, he ) But little did she know, this was the start of a new love ..


My mother is an amazing cook and has always made family dinners special. She always sets the table beautifully and has even made some of her own table cloths for holidays. Shes not only a talented cook but also an amazing interior decorator.
She is another women who has inspired me to write this blog. Thanks mom ❤

My approach to Creating recipes is to keep it healthy and clean, but still tasty. I stick to a Paleo diet for the most part, sometimes having legumes or a slice of pizza ( you have to live a little )
Besides cooking, another important part of my healthy lifestyle is staying active. Like they say, ” if you don’t use it, you loose it ” I believe that 100%. I love doing HIIT , tabata and pilate workouts. I usually only do about 30 mins of these a day plus maybe a 45 min walk.

Kate’s Clean Plate is a great way for me to share my love of cooking, and living a healthy lifestyle. I hope you will enjoy making and sharing my recipes as much as i do!

Keeping life healthy, one meal at a


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